Check out the Clean Air Day 2023 Impact Report!

Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of various sectors, Hong Kong’s first Clean Air Day successfully brought the awareness of air pollution in society to a peak!

Building on this year’s achievements, we look forward to organising more Clean Air Days to extend our influence, further raising awareness of the harmful effects of air pollution on our physical and mental health, connecting and collaborating with more sectors, creating greater momentum for a clean air future for Hong Kong.

It should also be noted that every day, in fact, can be a Clean Air Day – we hope that the public’s concern will not be limited to this single day, but will be integrated into their daily lives by making low-pollution choices and encouraging others to come together to safeguard everyone’s right to clean air.

To realise our shared visions, Clean Air Day needs your support. If tackling air pollution aligns with your mission and you are passionate about improving public health and safeguarding our planet, we invite you to reach out to us at :

Thank you again for supporting, see you next year!

To learn more about the achievements of Clean Air Day 2023, check out the Impact Report: