“2040” Screening: Stay hopeful and be part of the change

Thank you for supporting the Road to Clean Air Day event Clean Air Movie Screening: “2040” on 13 Oct!

Directed by Australian actor Damon Gameau, “2040” takes the audience on a journey to learn about innovative approaches to the climate crisis around the world, reflecting on the hopes and possibilities of the future the younger generation faces.

(Left to right) Clean Air Network CEO Patrick Fung, town planner Chin Chin Lam

Guest speaker Chin Chin Lam, a professional town planner and advocate for sustainable development, shared that at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Egypt last year, which she attended, generally people were gravely concerned about the future, and it was apparent that changes in urban design and living styles are urgently needed. However, Chin Chin remains optimistic as she notices a rising awareness around environmental issues in society.

As the theme of this year’s Clean Air Day “Breathe Right” connotes the idea of justice, Chin Chin noted that both air pollution and climate change disproportionately affect disadvantaged groups. Thus the Community Climate Resilience Concern Group, which she founded, is striving to create more space in the community for the grassroots to take refuge from the heat. This year, 10 new spots have been set up, demonstrating that everyone can take action and be part of the change.

Patrick Fung, Clean Air Network’s CEO, believes that not only the next generation, but also the current generation should think deeply about how our society should transform. He mentioned that the concept of “regeneration” illustrated in the film carries a more profound meaning than “sustainability”, as it focuses on the restoration of the balance between human and nature.

April, a participant of the screening, said that the sustainable development solutions depicted in the film were inspiring, such as the use of seaweed to absorb carbon emissions and reduce sea water temperature, and that the sharing by the guests helped her understand the current situation and challenges in the field. She believes that policy and education should go hand in hand to raise public awareness of the importance of protecting the environment.